Luggage Tags

No matter what kind of bag you carry on your travels, a luggage tag will help you identify it quickly and get it back should it go astray. A good luggage tag will be strong enough to survive airline baggage tossers and distinctive enough to stand out in a sea of black suitcases.

Our Most Popular Luggage Tags

Metal Luggage Tag

Metal Luggage Tag

Custom Metal Keychains are sturdy and durable, with many colorful enamel options and metal finishes available.
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PVC Luggage Tag

PVC Luggage Tag

Create flexible and vibrant PVC keychains with unlimited color options. Create your custom PVC keychains with us at any shape and size.
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Leather Luggage Tag

Leather Luggage Tag

Silicone keychains are 1/2" wide looped together with clip and a metal ring that holds keys. It made from silicone, and they work well as promotional gifts.
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Plastic Luggage Tag

Plastic Luggage Tag

Our Leather Keychains make for perfect gift. Made from double stitched natural leather and finished with two antique brass split-rings and a small carabiner.
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Custom Metal Luggage Tag

Our metal luggage tags can either be hand written with a ball point pen or marker pen or be laser engraved with your contact details, brand or logo. These robust tags are ideal for quality luggage, handbags, laptop bags, sports and music cases. Metal luggage tags not only provide you with a place for your personal information but they also allow you to easily identify your luggage from a distance! For frequent flyers a consistent problem with paper and plastic luggage tags can be that they quickly become tatty, torn or simply get ripped off, especially on longer journeys. Pure Metal Cards metal luggage tags are tough and durable. They are ideal for the frequent traveler or as a corporate gift.

Custom PVC Luggage Tag

Luggage tag could not only be a practical label but a fun accessory for traveling. A soft PVC luggage tag is an excellent helper to identify your luggage and belongings. Our PVC luggage tag could be made in 2D flat or 3D relief with various sizes and shapes available. Although a 10.5 x 6.5cm rectangular luggage tag was the preferable shape in earlier days, with advanced techniques applied, any irregular shape and size are feasible. The backside can be fitted with an ABS back frame or PVC backing. The Paper card attached on backside is removable and optional. If soft PVC material is not your style, there are plastic tags, aluminum tags, and embroidery tags available as well.

  • Material: Soft PVC
  • Size & Shape: Various sizes and shapes are available.
  • Colors: PMS colors matched
  • Fitting on Backside: ABS back frame or PVC backing
  • Blank ID paper card inserted on the back side

Custom Leather Luggage Tag

Elegant leather luggage tags with personalized engraving make for stylish travel. The tan, brown, rose, blue, or gray leatherette finish laser engraves black for a high contrast, elegant look, showing off your text or logo. Black leatherette lasers in vibrant, attractive gold or silver. With a buckle loop and card for contact information, this engraved luggage tag is practical and a great way to showcase your logo.

  • Premium leather construction
  • Leather flap to cover your information
  • Boat glass plastic sleeve to store your information card
  • Leather strap and nickel hardware to attach the tag to your luggage

Custom Plastic Luggage Tag

Whether you’re running an airline or a hotel, one thing that your clients will find useful (but not think to bring) is a luggage tag. Not the easy-to-tear and easy-to-lose paper tags that we get handed at the airport, but something more durable that can last for years or even decades. Not only can a handwritten ID card be placed in the tag, but a business card as well, making it easy to include all of your relevant contact information.

  • plastic in your choice of color
  • a slot that fits a standard-size business card
  • a clear front

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