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Whether for a marathon, adventure race, academic award, police ceremony, or military award, custom medals are a great way to publicly and tangibly recognize and commemorate achievement.

Custom Medals, Medallions & Awards

Custom medals are usually used as awards of achievements in a specific field, an organization, or a sports game, and commemoratives of a person or an event. We are committed to providing our customers high quality medals at affordable pricing. And our medals are made of premium zinc due to its excellent formability and accuracy. And they can be of various sizes, shapes and colors. We also have a wide selection of metal finishes and different ribbon options for you to choose from. Ordering personalized medals is easy with us, simply submit a quote form by clicking the link below and our friendly representative will walk you through from start to finish.

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Details of Medals

Custom medals can be designed and made for any number of events. The most common request we get are for custom race medals. Historically, these were typically 5k race medals or custom medals for marathons. The advent of adventure races like Tough Mudder and Spartan Race has increased the demand for medals and led to some more elaborate and larger medals. “If the race is extreme, there’s no reason the medal shouldn’t be” is reasoning we here frequently. And frankly? We couldn’t agree more.

While custom race medals are the most popular, we also make a lot of academic awards for graduation ceremonies. Not quite as common are custom heroism or recognition medallions for first responders like for Police, Firefighters, and EMS. Though we don’t make as many of these, because there are more people running 5ks than running into burning buildings to, these projects are some of favorites to work on due to the meaning attached to them.

  • Material: zinc alloy, aluminium alloy, iron, gold, sliver, nickel, Brass
  • Type: Soft Enamel, Die Struck, 3D Die Struck
  • Size: 1.5″, 1.75″, 2″, 2.5″, 3″
  • Ribbon Colors: Black, Black / White, Blue, Blue / White, Blue / White / Red, Green, Red, Red / Blue, Red / White, White, Yellow, Custom Color
  • Ribbon Types: Round Shape, Wide Shape (Sewn to Fit), Wide Shape (Free-Moving Ribbon)
  • Plating: Gold, Silver, Copper, Black Nickel, Black Metal, Antique Gold, Antique silver, Antique Copper, Dual Plating
  • Packaging: Poly Bags, Acrylic Cases, Velvet Cases
  • Design: 2D, 3D, Cut Outs

Soft Enamel Medal

Die Cast Medal

3D Die Cast Medal

How is Work

Step 1 - Send Your Ideas

The first step to getting custom medals are simply send us your idea. It can be a sketch, photo, or logos in AI, EPS, or PDF formats.

Step 2 - Receive Custom Proof (Request Revisions if Needed)

After you give us your design idea, we will then create a proof and we work with you until we get your approval.

Step 3 - Approve & Production Begins

Your approved artwork will be sent to our custom pin production line where we will machine a custom mold to begin the production process! The complete process usually takes 10-14 days.

Step 4 - Your Order Gets Shipped

Once your coins are completed and pass quality-control, they are packed and shipped! We ship it via express to your address.

Production Process

1. Good Idea

2. Make The Mold

3. Die Casting

4. Trimming

5. Polished

6. Plating

7. Coloring

8. Quality Inspection

6. Plating

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