Keychains are great to promote your business. Our keychains are individually struck with your custom logo that provides exceptional detail and finished in two-tone gold, silver or antique finish. Up to two enamel colors can be added to your keychain at no additional charge.

Our Most Popular Keychains

Metal Keychain

Custom Metal Keychain

Custom Metal Keychains are sturdy and durable, with many colorful enamel options and metal finishes available.
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PVC Keychain

Custom PVC Keychain

Create flexible and vibrant PVC keychains with unlimited color options. Create your custom PVC keychains with us at any shape and size.
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Wristband Keychain

Wristband Keychain

Silicone keychains are 1/2" wide looped together with clip and a metal ring that holds keys. It made from silicone, and they work well as promotional gifts.
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Leather Keychain

Leather Keychain

Our Leather Keychains make for perfect gift. Made from double stitched natural leather and finished with two antique brass split-rings and a small carabiner.
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Opener Keychain

Opener Keychain

Our Custom Aluminum Bottle Opener Keychain is a bit more durable, and offers the same value of being able to open any bottle, at any time!
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Custom Metal Keychain

Customised Keyrings are a great way to promote your brand and increase the visibility of your brand because Customised Keyrings are things that people carry with them all the time and they last for a long time. If you want to promote your brand effectively then you need custom-made keyrings with special meaning that convey the message you want to give or the logo and other elements of your brand. However, if you cannot manufacture the keyrings properly then you will not be successful in this promotional strategy of yours.

  • Zinc alloy/brass/stainless iron/iron material.
  • Premium quality and highly durable.
  • Elegant design with a classy look.
  • Customized metal keychain with special meaning.
  • Shiny gold/silver/copper or other color plating choice for you.

Custom PVC Keychain

Custom rubber keychains are flexible and can last for years. Waterproof and flexible, this keychain style can be made into a two-sided design and into any shape. Logo colors can easily be matched and any logo can be made into a 3D enhanced mold. 3D custom keychains can make made in days.

Made to order and designed with your ideas or sketch. We can match your logo colors and follow your design shape. Designs can include a different design on the back or use the same art from the front side. You can also specify how many links you would like on your chain as well as the size of your split rings. All the colors of your design will be separated by a thin gap between each color. You can choose the size and position of where the chain connects.

  • Shape – We can make them in any size and any shape. We say no to standard sizes and shapes.
  • Size – key chains are usually between 2″ and 5″. Your Tag, Your Size. Use a standard shape or have the patch adjust to your design. All of our keychains come with a Nickel Silver Key ring.
  • Thickness – Soft PVC Key chains run a little thicker than patches or labels, they are usually between 3.5mm-5.0mm.(Standard is 4.0mm)
  • Style – 2D Layers are standard.
    3D Layers allow your design to have a rounded, puffy look.

Silicone Wristband Keychain

Since people use their keys every day, customized silicone keychains will remind people of your message frequently.

Please note: All screen print prices offered in our online design tools are for 1 (one) color screen print only. Additional colors are charged per color based on each band type and size.

Like all our trendy silicone bracelets, keychains can be designed with a variety of text styles, including laser embossed, debossed, screen printed, laser engraved and colorized.

Additional Features To Make Your Wristbands Unique:

  • Add glow effect
  • Add specialized glitter effect
  • Swirl or segment colors added to your bands
  • Add customized silkscreen designs on the inside of the wristband
  • Add screen printed or embossed messages to the inside of the bands
  • We can help you with even the most complicated designs.

Custom Leather Keychain

Handcrafted to order in our workshop, our personalized leather keychain can be engraved with anything you wish, from special coordinates to long message. Etched with funny saying such as “Dad est.” “Best Boyfriend Ever” and your chosen message on the back, these custom leather key rings are great gifts for men for any occasion from Father’s Day to Christmas and graduation. From Stars War fan to man of the family, you can find gift for any man from our range of cool keychains for guys.

  • Personalize a keychain with your name or logo
  • Laser engraving to make sure it will never be erased by use
  • Durable material: instead of traditional needle and thread textiles, the leather belt was mainly made by cowhide; The key ring is made of durable brass material that is retro and elegant, classic yet fashionable

Bottle Opener Keychain

Every party and camping trip needs a premium bottle opener. If you’ve ever been to a college party or out in the woods camping you know that one of the most important tools you can have is a bottle opener. Whether you’re sharing sodas, beer, or just need to open a can of beans, it’s pretty difficult when you don’t have one on you.. That’s why we created premium aluminum alloy bottle openers that fit right on your keychain. Small enough to fit in your pocket, there’s not an adventure in the world that’s too big for our durable opener. And whether you stick on your keys, in your car, or just have it around the house, you’ll find multiple reasons to use our bottle opener.

  • Easy to use
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Strong, durable and versatile
  • Lightweight and compact

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