9 Tips For Perfectly Wearing A Lapel Pin

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A lapel pin can be the perfect addition to an outfit, but only if worn. That cannot be easy since lapel pins can come in many shapes and sizes. They also have different types of clasps or fasteners on them. Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered. These are 9 tips on wearing a lapel pin without damaging your clothing or your Pin itself.

1) Choose Your Pin According to the Occasion

Businesses of all types use lapel pins to reward employees, customers, and partners. If you’re responsible for choosing or distributing them, make sure they suit your purpose. E.g., if you’re rewarding an employee, you don’t want to give him a pin that says Employee of the Month. A more appropriate choice might be something like Workplace Excellence Award. Using a celebratory event as an excuse to present gifts will dictate which kind of lapel pin makes sense. A wedding would call for something more traditional, like monogrammed jewelry. There are plenty of other options, including custom-made pins for graduations and birthdays.

2) Wear the Right Shirt

The first thing you want to make sure that your shirt has a clean, smooth collar, and not any old collar will do. There are special shirts for wearing pins, with special collars meant to hold pins in place. Please choose one of these, and it’s already easier to wear your Pin. Also, many lapel pins are made with specific attachment methods in mind. Take some time to read about any kind of Pin you’re thinking about buying before you buy it. Also, make sure you don’t end up with more than you can use.

3) Don’t Hide It Under Clothes

For many guys, wearing a lapel pin feels like showing off. After all, it can be intimidating when you first wear one. Don’t be afraid to put it front and center on your jacket. After all, it’s not about making a fashion statement; it’s about displaying that you stand behind an organization or cause. If we had to pinpoint one mistake men make with their pins, we’d have to say hiding them under clothing. Keep in mind that doing so takes away from what makes your Pin valuable: visibility! Instead of burying it under layers of clothing, let that lapel pin do its job by being seen on your outerwear.

4) Keep it Authentic

There are plenty of people who put on their lapel pins haphazardly. This is the key to keeping your Pin from looking like you threw it on its balance. You want your Pin to have a good placement on your jacket and not obstruct any other clothing or items that might make it look messy. Start by measuring where you want to place your Pin, based on what looks best with your jacket. It’s also good to learn how to remove and reattach it if something gets in its way during an event or in day-to-day life.

5) Check For Safety Issues

Over time, a lapel pin can become loose and even have safety issues. Check your pins before wearing them to ensure they’re still attached to your jacket or shirt. It’s also important to double-check that none of your pin prongs are bent. If you do notice any damage or problems, you should replace it immediately so as not to risk injury. This goes for lapel pins in general—not just those attached to clothing. If your badge has gotten beat up over time and is missing some of its prongs, it might be time to retire it from service and get yourself a new one.

6) Wear it with Confidence

If you’re going to wear a lapel pin, wear it with Confidence. You don’t want to give off a feeling of insecurity or uncertainty when wearing something so bold as your company’s logo. This is true if you’re handing out promotional pins at an event. Make sure to exude Confidence and stay engaged with your attendees. If you can’t be excited about what your business does, why should anyone else be?

7) Match it With Other Accessories

A lapel pin is an accessory that looks good on its own, but it’s also smart to match it with other jewelry pieces. You can wear it with your watch, wedding ring, or even a belt buckle if you’re creative. The key is not to overwhelm yourself. If you wear too many accessories at once, you might look silly, and people will think twice about what message your Pin sends. Play around, find out what combinations work best for you, and make sure they express who you are as a person.

8) Wear it at least once before storing it away

If you’re going to buy a lapel pin, why not wear it once or twice first? If it’s not something you feel comfortable sporting around, don’t buy it in the first place. Everyone has different comfort levels, and if yours doesn’t include wearing pins, you won’t want to display one in your home either. So how do you determine whether an item of jewelry is right for you? Try wearing it out and about before buying it. If you feel comfortable with how people react to your Pin after wearing it around town, you should buy it.

9) Be Prepared for Questions about your Pin

Be ready to discuss what your Pin means and why you wear it when others ask. A lapel pin is not a fashion accessory or decoration. It is an important symbol of your affiliation with that organization. Be prepared to explain it means whenever anyone questions it. E.g., members of many veterans’ organizations often wear pins that say Vietnam Veteran or American Legion. Even if someone sees you wearing these pins on TV or at an event, they may have no idea what they represent and will likely wonder about them later. Get ready to answer these types of questions anytime you’re out.

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