10 Reasons Why Challenge Coins Are A Better Metal Gift Idea

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Challenge coins have been used as an award since WWI, especially among US military branches. These coins have now spread to other military units and every branch of the service. From police officers, firemen, schools, non-profit organizations, to corporations and on. They are often used as a badge of recognition, to honor the service of employees, or as awards for team members. What makes them such an appealing gift?

Here are 10 reasons why Challenge coins are a better metal gift idea than many other popular options.

1) There is an ancient tradition behind them

Before being issued by government units, military organizations used coins as an ID badge and proof of loyalty. It is believed that some of these tokens date back to Roman times. But it wasn’t until later on that these items took off as an important part of military life.

2) They have more meaning to them than other types of gifts

Instead of common gifts in silver or plastic, we all wish to be awarded with something meaningful. Challenge coins are offered for different achievements. It allows people to customize their own designs. They tend to be more expensive than most other gifts. One thing that sets challenge coins apart from other gifts is their expensive price tag.

3) A challenge coin has a story to tell

Sure, it’s a small round piece of metal. But when you take a close look, you will see the deep meaning on the challenge coin. It may feature an image of your family crest or a job well done. The coin tells a story that other people will want to hear when they see it. How do you know what type of design to select? The best option is to create something unique and meaningful. You can also hire a graphic designer who can create an eye-catching design for you.

4) They’re nostalgic and sentimental

Nothing symbolizes an accomplishment or shared experience quite like a challenge coin. But, beyond that, they’re also nostalgic and sentimental. Such as those in uniform, received the first challenge coin as military recruits. And for many of us, that first coin has pride of place in our homes. It reminds us of our origin, and it serves as a tangible reminder of our service to the country. It can be passed on to future generations, and ties them to their family history.

5) You can customize your challenge coin

Since challenge coins can be made with different designs, you can design your own as well. Maybe you’re an Officer, and you want to give your coin to new Soldiers in your platoon. Or you’re giving one to someone who has recently received their driver’s license. You can engrave something meaningful into it, like Top Gun or Junior Deputy Sheriff. The possibilities are endless!

6) They can be used in practical ways

Challenge coins can unlock doors, or simply attach a string of chain, it will become a stylish key ring. You can also attach your coin to your car keys to never lose them again! Try any of these ideas for other uses for challenge coins. For example, attach one to your dog’s collar; put one in a bottle cap, and make a keychain out of it. The possibilities are endless.

7) There are no rules as to how you display your challenge coin

There is no convention about how you display your challenge coin. You can simply go around with it in your pocket or place it on your key chain. How you decide to display it is entirely up to you. No matter what option you choose, however, there’s no denying that wearing your challenge coin will leave people wondering what it means and where they can get one for themselves. After all, who doesn’t want to show off their accomplishments?

8) It can be passed down from generation to generation

A coin from your grandfather or father can be something that you treasure. The sentimental value will not be lost with time. A challenge coin is more than an accessory; it’s something that has meaning behind it. A thing that can last longer than other items. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or used, as long as it was given to you by someone special. Some challenge coins have been passed down for generations already!

9) The owner must earn it through the completion of an event or milestone

Challenge coins are offered as a token of achievements. If you’re giving challenge coins as gifts, be sure to know what they represent. They should be gifted with a special meaning behind it. For example, if your brother joins a law enforcement agency and becomes an officer. A challenge coin can be given to represent his graduating class. This means that he earned membership into that rank and has achieved something great.

10) They make great gifts for teammates, colleagues, family members, and friends.

Challenge coins are wonderful gifts, but they’re even more awesome as a symbol of membership in an organization or gruop. After all, they’re not something you pick up at Target; you earn them and wear them with pride. Challenging members to earn their coins is also a great way to help them connect—and stay connected.


In these examples, I’ve only listed some usages of challenge coins, but that’s part of their great charm. Challenging coins are special because they can be used in nearly any situation. You can also use them as awards for specific achievements or as promotional products. Thinking about gifting one? Then you should contact one of the best metal gift manufacturers.

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