Can you wear a lapel pin and pocket square?

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I like to wear a lapel pin and pocket square because I tend to enjoy being bold, yet elegant. People wear lapel pins for special occasions like weddings or networking events. Pocket squares are usually a go-to for formal engagements. Yet, living in the 21st century means we can and should push the boundaries. Fashion has evolved and we must evolve with it. Wearing a lapel pin and pocket square can make us look formal and modern at the same time. The combination adds an extra layer of detail to any formal or business casual getup. By combining a lapel pin and pocket square, we will surely gain the attention of at least a couple of pairs of eyes.

What is a lapel pin?

The origin of the modern lapel pin dates as far back as the 13th century in China. Ancient civilizations also discovered the importance of incorporating statement pieces in their looks. Ancient Egyptians embedded ornamental materials into their garments in the 18th century BC. In America, the lapel pin tradition started with Revolutionary War soldiers. Nowadays, statesmen and businessmen aren’t the only ones who wear lapel pins. Wearing ornamental accessories can benefit anyone willing to develop their style. A lapel pin is exactly what it sounds like. It is a pin most often worn on jacket lapels, but not only. You should play around with lapel pins. I like to attach lapel pins to different items so I make the most of my purchase.

These are different types of lapel pins that can spice up any look:

  • Boutonnieres
  • Floral lapel pins
  • Stick pins
  • Badges
  • Mini pins
  • Brooches

Lapel pins are the way to go if you’re looking to edge up your look or promote a product or organization that you’re part of.

How to wear a lapel pin

Playing around with our fashion choices is bold. It keeps things more fun and makes us seem more interesting. But there is one rule all must follow with lapel pins: lapel pins are always placed on the left lapel. Most tailors make it easy for us by placing buttonholes on suit jackets so we don’t get confused. There’s one last thing to keep in mind. When wearing a lapel pin, place the pin parallel to the lapel. Here are a few more things to consider when wearing a lapel pin:

  • Match the lapel pin’s design and metal with other accessories for a well-rounded look.
  • Avoid using oversized lapel pins in most cases. This is somewhat relative, but still a good standard to follow. And it depends on what you’re wearing. With flashier outfits, the standard is keeping accessories modest.
  • One pin at a time to avoid looking cluttered although there are a few exceptions such as military events.

When I buy a product, I like to get the most use out of it. Lapel pins are very versatile, and we don’t have to wear them only with suit jackets or blazers. Let’s have some fun with it! I sometimes wear lapel pins with my ties, on dress shirts, bags, and even on coats. This way, I can showcase my beautifully designed pins more often. When it comes to daywear, the lapel pin limit does not exist. We just need to make sure we’re not overdoing it.

What is a pocket square?

The pocket square we know today is a more modern development. The two-piece suit became a staple in men’s fashion in the 19th century. From there, pocket squares became paramount to denote status and prestige.

A pocket square is a decorative piece. It’s made from refined materials that fold into a jacket’s breast pocket. Pocket squares make a seamless fit because they’re made from fine materials like silk. Pocket squares give my looks a pop of color while maintaining my suit’s decorum.

How to wear a pocket square

Wearing a pocket square can liven up any look with an extra pop of color as a finishing touch. I wear a pocket square with suits, tuxedos, and even blazers. One rule of thumb when wearing a pocket square: don’t match your pocket square with the color of your tie.

This doesn’t mean we can’t get creative. Here are some ways I choose to make a splash depending on what outfit I’m wearing:

  • Suit – I like to wear bold prints like geometric shapes and graphics to spice up bland suits. The key is that a pocket square should complement your suit, not match it.
  • Tuxedo – Plainer pocket squares only! My go-to with a tuxedo is folding the pocket square Presidential style for an extra touch of elegance.

Blazer – One of my personal favorites in terms of versatility and the best time to experiment. With a blazer, opt for daring pocket square prints and colors.

How to wear a lapel pin and pocket square

Lapel pins and pocket squares are excellent accessories. When worn together, they add extra character to any look. But how we pair a lapel pin and pocket square can make or break an outfit. These are some principles that guide me when I choose to boldly pair a lapel pin and pocket square:

  • I wear the pocket square and lapel pin on the same side of my jacket, generally on the left, to look more put together.
  • The lapel pin and pocket square should never touch. You never want your outfit to look too crowded!
  • Avoid clashing colors.
  • One item should always be plain when wearing a tie, pocket square, and lapel pin together.

Remember that experimentation is key to stepping up our style. There aren’t many ways to fail at a lapel pin and pocket square pairing since they work so well together!

Where can you wear a lapel pin and pocket square?

There’s no reason to only reveal this elegant, yet daring combo during special occasions. Stand out at work, networking events, and even happy hours with the lapel pin and pocket square combo. With lapel pins and pocket squares, the world is truly your oyster!

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